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Which is better to buy a car on credit or in cash?

If you are going to buy a car, the important question is how you are going to finance it: whether to apply for a vehicle credit that allows us to acquire it or wait to complete the total money to pay it in cash. Here we tell you what is more convenient for you.

What happens if I buy a car in cash?

Many people think that if they have the money it is better to buy it in cash and forget about the debts and interests of the vehicle credit. However, experts assure that in reality, it is worth going into debt to buy a car. Why? Well, because cars depreciate almost 20% as soon as they leave the dealership, and the following year the value is much lower. Then, if the asset depreciates, it is not convenient to pay cash for it.

What is the best option to buy a new car?

The best option is to opt for a vehicle loan, since it allows you to provide a percentage of the car (approximately 20%) and the remaining amount the bank will lend you to pay in monthly installments for a certain period.

In addition, the money you save can be invested in something else that will generate higher profitability. In the end, you will have the car and the money you invested in another product that will generate benefits.

Which is the best bank to buy a car?

If you are looking for a car, you will find many offers of vehicle loans, so you should choose the one that suits you best. Enter comparator and find out which banks offer the lowest rates.

How to buy a car without paying interest?

Vehicle loans are not the only alternative to finance a car; collective funds are a good option. A group of people get together and all of them make monthly scheduled payments, which allow each of them to access the vehicle they are paying for. Unlike vehicle credit, no interest is paid here.

When you sign up, you will have to buy a certificate and the number of installments will depend on each particular case; once you finish paying them, you have access to the vehicle.

Whether it is a vehicle loan or the collective funds you must compare the different offers, you can use the comparator, so you will have all the options in one place.

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