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Sonus Faber acoustic system

The Maserati Grecale Trofeo 2023 model year will be equipped with a Sonus Faber High Premium sound system. The system includes 21 speakers (7 tweeters, 9 tweeters, 4 woofers and a subwoofer), DSP processor and Class D amplifiers with a total power of 1285 watts. The Maserati infotainment system is equipped with its own Sonus faber app, where you can play music from a connected device and adjust sound parameters such as equalizer, balance, fader and 2D or 3D surround modes. In 3D surround mode, the system uses all the speakers to create an immersive soundstage throughout the car. The sound is optimized for the driver, but passengers also get a great listening experience. The High Premium system offers 2 different settings: “Reference” and “Extreme”

Silk tweeters and cellulose midrange cones are similar to those used in the company’s home speakers. While Sonus Faber’s high-quality home speakers are designed and handcrafted in its Vicenza plant, a third-party OEM was chosen to supply the speakers and electronics. “We worked closely with this partner to provide specifications for the speakers and amplifiers, and we tested these components throughout the manufacturing process to make sure they met our specifications. Our designers worked with the Maserati team to make sure that the speakers were positioned in optimal locations to provide sound quality and that visible components such as the speaker grilles reflected both Maserati and Sonus Faber quality and luxury standards,” said Fiore Cappelletto, general manager of the Sonus Faber automotive division.

The so-called “Sonus Faber Voice” is built on the proper alignment of time, phase and amplitude between the tweeter and midrange speakers. After the speakers and electronics were installed in the prototype car, the company conducted careful system measurements, testing and tuning of the components in the car interior to achieve the best possible sound quality. Amplifier output levels are monitored to prevent distortion or damage to the speakers.

The High Premium system is available as an option on all Maserati Grecale versions. In the Grecale Modena and Trofeo versions, the High Premium system is included in the Premium Plus package ($3,500 for Modena, $4,200 for Trofeo). A basic Sonus Faber audio system is available on all Grecale versions at no additional charge. This system is also hand-tuned and designed by Sonus Faber, but includes fewer speakers (14 rather than 21) and has a less powerful amplifier (860 watts versus 1,285 watts).

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