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Pioneer TS-WX300A subwoofer

Most often we have to remind it of the commonplace truth. Few music genres can do (and only partially) without a full-fledged bass part. And a full bass performance without a subwoofer is almost as rare as a live unicorn.


Pioneer’s line of active subwoofers has been around for many years and includes models for every taste, from compact to large-caliber. All models feature original technical solutions and high sound quality. From time to time new models appear in the line, with one of such novelties now we will get acquainted closer.

The TS-WX300A subwoofer has a built-in Class D amplifier with up to 1300W peak power and is capable of delivering truly powerful bass. Acoustic design was so successful that when turned on at full power in the office, the suspended ceiling “caught resonance” at 80 Hz, and the tiles fell off it. Fortunately it was a foam tile, otherwise I would have to write these lines to another author.

The trapezoidal enclosure has a 12-inch diameter speaker with a long stroke polypropylene cone and a 4-inch diameter phaso inverter, which allows you to achieve a thundering sound in a fairly modest volume of about 30 liters. The enclosure design is traditional, but a heavy duty polypropylene grille is added to cover the center of the cone. In addition to protecting the cone and aesthetics, this solution also makes technical sense – additional filtration of out-of-band radiation.

The body is trimmed with black burlap with red “general lapels” on the sides and decorated with embroidered model name

All the necessary wires are included, so to install the subwoofer you will not have to buy additional devices. Every motorist is able to connect it by himself, without involving specialists, spending just a few dozens of minutes.

The case is made of MDF panels “in the whiskers”. Angles of inclination of front and rear walls are 85 and 80 degrees, respectively, so the subwoofer can be leaned against the back of the rear seat on either side: in a sedan – front side, in a hatchback – rear side

Viewed through the bass reflex port. The cabinet joints are reinforced on the inside. On the left you can see the edge of the diffuser holder

Adjustment panel. The bandwidth, bass equalizer, and sensitivity controls are unmarked, with only the extreme values shown. The limits of the LPF cutoff frequency tuning are from 50 to 120 Hz, exactly as much as a normal subwoofer needs. The bass equalizer works at a center frequency of 50 Hz, the boost to +12 dB. At the top of the panel is a two-color power and protection light.

All connections are brought out on a single 10-pin connector. Two 15-cm “tails” with RCA connectors, power and plug wires (4.8 m long) and ground wires (1 m long) come out of his counterpart.


Subwoofer speaker power (according to manufacturer), W 300
Subwoofer peak power (as specified by manufacturer), W 1300
FI type of enclosure
Maximum sound pressure in the cabin at MIS = 5 %, dB 113,1
Sensitivity (Lo/Hi), V 0,15-2,5/0,5-20
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 505x380x175

Free space response is in good agreement with the transfer characteristic of an average size cabin – the roll-off starts at 50-60 Hz. At 93-95dB sound pressure level the distortion is only slightly above the 3% threshold, and outside the operating range it even goes down. The main contribution to the distortion spectrum is made by the “tasty” second harmonic, the third is noticeably weaker and becomes significant only below 50 Hz. The maximum sound pressure level at 80 Hz (but already with non-standard distortions) exceeded 130 dB (and microphone capability)

The acoustic pressure response was taken in the cabin of the test compact van FIAT DOLBO. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. Pretty smooth, neat, bass booster works well


The bass is fundamental, low and crisp. Acoustic design is implemented impeccably competent – so even the maximum bass boost at a decent overall volume does not cause noticeable distortion. Indoors, with no transfer characteristic, the recoil below 50 Hz is reduced. But the interior of the test FIAT compact van was filled with low frequencies thoroughly. The system of adjustments is competent and well-thought-out, adjustment limits are as necessary, without fanaticism. The only thing that is missing is the phase switch – but modern head units themselves support this function, and if you connect them by a high level, it is enough to swap the wires coming from the speakers.


A great all-purpose subwoofer for music of various genres. And even in a fairly large cabin it will not lose its power. And the appearance is impressive – an overcoat for a general. The price for today is just a present. The only thing it lacks is a subwoofer.

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