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JBL BassPro Go Universal

The JBL BassPro Go is the first speaker of its kind that combines convenience, performance and portability in one device. It is an active Bluetooth 4.2 audio speaker and simultaneously a powerful compact subwoofer for the car. With easy and convenient use in and out of the car, the BassPro Go allows you to enjoy your music wherever you want. The IPx5 rating makes it resistant to environmental conditions and the durable casing makes it easy to clean.

And it’s quick and easy to plug it in and it’s powered by the onboard power grid in the car. Built-in 3000 mAh NiMH battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life, also allows you to power mobile devices and charging current of 2.1 A. Music streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device with a range of up to 38m outdoors / 10m indoors is supported. The JBL Connect feature allows you to connect up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and to network two BassPro Go speakers for simultaneous operation.

Advanced adjustments allow for balanced sound both in and out of the car. The 45 Hz center frequency bass boost provides a smooth adjustment of up to -6dB, while the subwoofer mode uses a switchable 80/100/120 Hz LPF. Playable frequency range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz (at -3dB), rated power 100 watts, peak power 200 watts. Sensitivity range on the line input 0.4-6.0 V, on the high-level input 1-15 V.

Includes car mounting bracket, wiring harness with line fuse, remote LF control with cable, two high level input adapters and a spare 15 amp fuse.

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