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How does vehicle insurance work?

The main reason why drivers purchase auto insurance is to protect their vehicles and their pockets in case of an accident. In the national territory, hundreds of collisions and accidents occur daily, which cause expenses of thousands of soles to those involved if they are not insured. Here is the importance of having vehicle insurance and knowing how insurance works.

How does vehicle insurance work? Vehicle insurance provides protection against a traffic accident or theft, but it also saves you when your car breaks down in any circumstance.

How does insurance work in a crash? According to the type of vehicle accident and the policy, the vehicle insurance will assume the material and personal damages, according to the coverage, deductibles and benefits of your plan.

What does the vehicle insurance cover?

The vehicle insurance has coverage according to the insurance company’s plan:

  • Total or partial cost for the theft of the vehicle according to the market value.
  • Repair expenses in case of collision or damage to third parties.
  • Ambulance assistance and medical expenses in case of accident.
  • Road assistance such as towing and mechanical assistance.
  • Driver or replacement vehicle.
  • Legal expenses.

How do I know if I have a vehicle insurance policy?

To find out if you have a vehicle insurance policy, go to the official website of your insurance company and log in to see the status of your car insurance.

How does auto theft insurance work?

You can find out how auto theft insurance works: it covers total theft of the vehicle, medical expenses, repair of your vehicle, damages to third parties and discounts on maintenance.

Where can I buy car insurance for a month?

The price of the insurance will vary according to the coverage plan offered by the insurer and the model and year of manufacture of your vehicle.

How much does a comprehensive auto insurance cost?

Comprehensive auto insurance costs an average of $80 per month. To find out where to buy comprehensive insurance at a good price, enter the car insurance comparator and choose which of the insurance companies has the best offers, according to your budget.

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