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Cobmo PROLOGY iOne-2500

Many drivers like to use various electronic devices for video recording and informing about the speed limits, they also install video recorders, radar detectors, GPS informers, navigators and trackers in the car. A much better idea is to take advantage of modern design and technical developments, which combine separate gadgets in a single body. Combos or hybrids, as these devices are called, combine several key functions simultaneously: quality video fixation, anti-radar and GPS / GLONASS positioning system.

In PROLOGY iOne-2500 combined and fully realized the functionality of three separate devices at once: DVR, radar detector (antiradar), working with signature technology and innovative noise filtering system, and GPS / GLONASS – informer with an updated database.

PROLOGY iOne-2500 is able to warn in advance with audio signals, voice messages and visual indication of the approach to stationary radars, surveillance cameras and other objects of video fixation using GPS and GLONASS systems.

  • Magnetic holder;
  • Captures video in high resolution Super HD 2304 x 1296;
  • Built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver;
  • Radar detector with GPS-base of stationary and mobile objects, pre-installed updated base;
  • Processor video processing Mstar 8339;
  • High-speed color CMOS sensor GS2053 6.23 mm (1/3″) 2.13 megapixel;
  • 76 mm (3″) color LCD screen, 640×480 pixels;
  • Built-in supercapacitor;
  • Built-in Gesture Sensor, to control photo or video shooting;
  • Alarm module for radar detection;
  • Detection and detection: “Avtouragan”, “Amata”, “Binar”, “Bizir”, “Iskra”, “MTS”, “Kordon”, “Krechet”, “Kris-P”, “LISD”, “Radis”, “Robot”, “Scat” and others, including “Strelka-ST/M” and “Autodoria”;
  • Detection ranges of X, K, ST, Laser, AMATA, LISD, KORDON, Krechet, etc;
  • Intelligent automatic muting of sound signals.
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