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6.1.DSP for PROLOGY CMD-310 and CMD-350

6.1.DSP for PROLOGY CMD-310 and CMD-350

Firmware update 6.1.DSP for FM/USB/BT receivers with DSP-processor PROLOGY CMD-310 and CMD-350 is released. This firmware is for these models ONLY and is not suitable for other devices.

The new version retains the settings of the processor, as well as the backlight color set by the user and the settings of the saved radio stations when the power is turned off. Additionally, Russian ID3 ver.1/ver.2 mapping is fixed and function of full factory reset is added. The firmware is available at the official Prology web site.

Saving processor settings:

In 2-way mode.

  • Filter cutoff frequencies;
  • Filter levels;
  • Filter orders;
  • Balance settings;
  • Cutoff frequency of subwoofer outputs;
  • Subwoofer outputs signal phase;
  • Time delays for all channels;

In 3-way mode

  • Filter Cutoff Frequencies;
  • Filter levels;
  • Filter orders;
  • Balance settings
  • Cut-off frequency of subwoofer outputs;
  • Phase of subwoofer outputs
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